Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maintaining complaining

Weigh in day.  I weigh in every Wednesday, it's the one day of the week where I strip completely and step on the cold scale, shiver and wait.  It takes forever for the numbers to pop up (or it seems to).   This week was a different week for me...I tracked EVERYTHING.  You know, like you're supposed to.  Usually, if I have wine on the weekends, I won't track it....actually, on the weekends I usually don't track much.  Maybe I'll only track AP's (activity points), and yeah, that's not how you're supposed to do it.  So, anyway, I tracked like a good little weight watcher girl, and guess what I found out?  I simply eat too much.   Maybe I'll share what I ate last week.  Oh no, Weight Watchers doesn't have a glutton recap page, I wonder why?  ;)

I don't eat bad food.  I cannot remember the last time I had fast food.  Whole wheat pasta, oodles of veggies, at least one banana a day.  Whole grains are my favorite - LOVE them.  So, maybe two slices of whole grain bread a day - either in a sandwich or toast.   It doesn't matter, I still eat too much of the good-for-you-food.   I get a weekly allowance of 49 points to use any way that I desire, that's on top of my daily 30 points.  This week I earned 74 activity points, too....and according to weight watchers, you can eat/use those.  Well, I did.  I swapped and used 38.  I consumed 297 points this week!  Oy vey!

Back to tracking.  I know this works, down almost forty pounds and four years ago I lost fifty.  However, I need to lose a lot more than fifty this time around *cough* now give me a donut.

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  1. Almost 40 pounds is awesome and the exercise and eating right means that you're much healthier now. Unfortunately, but fortunately, that food tracking is an eye opener. I think things will get better once you hit your goal weight but I wouldn't know for sure - I've never done it. I know you will though and 'maintenance' will be so fun!