Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mostly Wordless Tuesday

Today is Mostly Wordless Tuesday for heck of it.  This past week has been pretty exciting for a small town, Nebraska woman.  I had a birthday.  I got finally an iPhone.  I ran 8 miles.  I bought some 'cold gear' for running.  And, I ran 8 miles...wait, I said that already.

This is getting pretty wordy for wordless, so I'll share some of my first iPhone captures.

my Nike Pro Combat 'Cold Gear'
Me modeling my reversible thermal Nike headband - both ways.  There needs to be an app that says "brush your damn hair". 
my celebratory wine...and that glass isn't as huge as you think...it's an iPhone app called "make your wine glass appear huge"
and a birthday muffin...stinking 470 calories and 24 grams of fat...I had two.
My birthday lunch.  We had to head to Omaha for some things, so we tried a new restaurant -- Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen.  There are no words to describe how fantastic it is.  Is there an app for licking the plate clean and no one will see it?
Dessert.  Duh.  My birthday means dessert.  And can we have an app that changes high calorie and fat foods to something light and good for you?  But can it taste like this did?  Because.  O-M-G.
and my 8 mile route
This picture was near the end of my 8 mile run, and I realized it was also the end of a pretty great week...but also, possibly the beginning of many more great weeks to come.


  1. Lori - You rock! Happy belated birthday. Enjoy the miles!

  2. I love this post! I love that you indulged for your birthday but never got off track and I love that you're looking forward to some really awesome weeks to come!