Monday, December 12, 2011

I joined a gym and I like it

Now, when you read that title, I hope you're channeling your inner Katy Perry and saying it like "I kissed a girl and I liked it".  If you don't sing the title of this post, then it's a pretty lame title.  Anyway!

I joined a small local gym, "yes!" we have a gym in Smalltown, Nebraska!  I looked for one month specials online and found a special for ten bucks.  TEN DOLLARS!  Lucky for me (not really) we've already had two significant snowfalls this season, 'with the local street departments rule of not even going out to plow unless it's 2 inches', well, it's a mess here.  The shoulders of the roads that I typically run along, are nicely stacked with snow and ice and extra nightmares.  I didn't want to stop running, so I researched and scored a really nice deal.   It was actually an 'online only' deal, but I went in and talked to someone (an angel sent from above) and he said if I wanted to continue my monthly membership ($34.00), he'd waive the $75 registration fee.  HOLLA.  So, I think maybe I've found my new 'home' away from the snowy roads, maybe even until March or so.

Still?  I miss road running, I miss jumping off the sides for cars, I miss the endless 'waving of hello' to each passing car.  I miss the never ending fields, the pastures of animals, the creeks...heck, even the gravel roads.  I just think I will get outside when weather permits and when it's not so treacherous and until then, I will enjoy watching tv, listening to my tunes, and running inside on a treadmill with a giant fan on my head.  Who knows, I may even start some weight lifting to build some muscle.  (so I can burn more fat and maybe, maybe even run faster).

Also?  I freaking love the elliptical machine.

And?  I'm about to register for a half marathon in May.  What-the-what.  I'm crazy and excited and crazy-excited.


  1. I love my local gym. I'm mostly a treadmill runner to begin with anyway. You will love training and running a half. So amazingly wonderful. (and sometimes hard of course)

  2. Good on ya! Treadmill running can get a bit boring at times (and dangerous if you get a case of the leans from watching television while running), but it's a great way to build up endurance over the winter. Glad you found a place - and enjoy the elliptical! Good fun, that.

  3. I'm enjoying the 'think-free' zone of the treadmill, it's a nice change :) You'll have to share your half-marathon quests with me!

  4. Bob - the elliptical has totally helped and 'cured' my popping knee, how crazy is that?

  5. I'm glad you found a gym you like and a cheap one! How awesome is that? But I know what you mean....when I'm running I definitely prefer running outside over the dreadmill, but it's nice to have that option!

  6. I'm so glad winter isn't derailing your efforts thanks to the gym. I can't think of a better way for you to 'keep your head in the game'!