Monday, January 16, 2012

Love it

Wow, I was going to start this post by saying last September, but it was in September (ish) of 2010 when my sister had one of those at home jewelry parties.  She sent me a catalog and because it was jewelry (duh), I really wanted to get one item to help her out with her party.  I needed to help HER.  Ok, that was my excuse.   At the time, she and I were learning to run with Couch to 5K.  It worked, we were happy with doing it and then I bought a necklace.

I loved choosing this necklace mostly because it was kind of, not really, like my name.  L-O for love and Lori, I've always wanted a necklace with my name, so this 'love' necklace seemed to be the perfect purchase.

Until it arrived.

It was too small.  "What?" you say?  Yes, it choked me.  I was sad, I wanted to wear it but it looked so stupid.  The word 'love' poked out of my neck like a plank on a ship.  It looked like I had a spatula coming out of my throat.  I wrestled with getting the thing off my neck, was too tight.  

Sometime early 2011, I put the necklace back on and it was tolerable.  Then it became more and more comfortable.  I realized during a really intense run or workout, the necklace would slowly turn so that the 'love' would end up at the back of my neck.  I liked coming home and discovering 'love' was in the wrong place, but I always slipped it back to the front.

And now, I always wear my 'love' necklace.  It reminds me of my progress and cheers me on.  It tells me to never have a fat neck again, it signifies when I've had a workout and more than anything?  It fits.


  1. It is a beautiful necklace especially when you describe the extra significance BUT it's hard to believe it was every THAT small on you because looking at the picture I know your neck was ever THAT big. Anyway, awesome post AGAIN!

  2. It really was uncomfortably tight. I was so disappointed and wanted to find some kind of something to 'extend' it.

  3. That is SO unbelievably awesome. It really is. It's hard to believe the way it hangs now that it ever was so tight on your neck. Way to go!