Monday, January 30, 2012

not every run is a good run

Not every run is a good run, but what makes any run good, is finishing.  This goes for any type of workout, really.  I believe that my bad running days make the good running days..SO GREAT.

I don't think many people run because they're 'bored'.  I think it's for a goal:  weight loss, better health, personal achievement...there's a reason why we workout.  In a perfect world, every workout would be packed with oodles of fat burning, cheeky smiles and little effort.  This is certainly not my world, especially today.

I ran 6 miles on Saturday, and although I've done this before, it's been a long time.  Wait, when I've done it before, there was plenty of walking on my run.  I'd get distracted:  walk.  I'd think my legs were tired:  walk.  See a butterfly:  walk.  Whatever reason, and they may have been super good reasons, my prior long runs have included some level of walking.  (and that IS okay).  But, I want to run now sans walking, and I did this on Saturday.  YAY.

I rested on Sunday.  NO workout activitiy whatsoever, mostly thank you to Mr. Back-Spasm-Painful-Idiot-Jerk.  But, I rested like my half marathon training schedule told me to do, and I knew I'd rock out an easy 3 or 4 miles today.

HA.  Today was so much more challenging than Saturday!  I typically give myself about 15 minutes to get into the groove, and my groove was no where to be found.

However, I kept going.  And going.  And going.

I even added an overpass to my route (I must be crazy) but really, I knew my run was going to happen no matter what OR how I felt and I figured I might as well 'DIG DEEP', even chanting my new favorite mantra "HARDWORK DEDICATION" (thank you Dolvett Quince, you sexy beast).

Now, it's done, and I'm damn glad I could feel good about this run...mostly, I'm damn glad it's over.


  1. Making it through the hard runs feels better than the easy runs, it seems. Good for you for getting it done. I hope you have more good than bad runs in your training!

  2. I'm sure your legs were still kind of recovering from your first "all running" 6 miles. That's awesome. It is funny how on some days you think it's going to be the worst workout ever and it ends up being the best one and when you think they are going to be great, they SUCK. Good for you on hanging in there and finishing your run today. Enjoy your beautiful weather!

  3. The feeling of accomplishment after a 'bad' run or even a hard walk really makes up for the difficulty. Yay!!! to people like you who power through when the going is tough!!!

  4. Back spasms are miserable! Glad you rebounded. I've decided if I can have Dolvett waiting for me at the finish line, I'll run every single day, fast as can be.

  5. I think the bad runs exist solely to make us appreciate the good runs all the more. I definitely have my fair share of them, often just when I think I'm going to do well.