Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl food and David Beckham

I always look forward to the Super Bowl, I couldn't tell you who's playing or what they're doing but I love the hype and the food.  I love the food so much, I almost called it the Super Food the other day and I'm realizing that would be a totally appropriate name.

Or, the David Beckham Bowl.  Or, Super David Beckham.  Did you see that commercial????!!!!!?

Now, I'm all flustered because I'm now just going to recap that beautiful commercial, and it was the best commercial, too...however, I'm not sure what he was marketing.  Was it tattoos?  Or muscles?   Yes, he was marketing his tattooed muscles.  I'm so nice that I'm even going to share it with you, and I'll just have to watch it again for like the 25th time. 

I just can't take it.  Where was I?  Who am I?  OMG, EVEN THAT STILL SHOT OF HIM IS JUST SO UTTERLY DELICIOUS.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and I made wings and potato skins and riblets and buffalo chicken dip and then I saw this commercial and died.

The End.


  1. Ha! He is pretty easy on the eyes.

  2. So why did you remove the video. It's okay, though, I love this fun post anyway.