Monday, February 13, 2012

Halfway to Half Training

I'm about halfway through my half marathon training, so I figured it was time for a post.

It's really pretty amazing to me how LAST YEAR I had just begun my weight loss journey and  feeling pretty lucky to walk/run 1-2 miles.  Mostly walked.   I didn't realize I would actually run a 5K in July and wasn't really preparing for it at that time.  My mindset sometimes says, I think 'once an able runner, always an able runner', but when you take months or years off, there's no choice but to start over.  I was totally starting over, completely.

Why did I quit after my Couch to 5k in September 2010, I really don't know.

After my miserable 5K in July, I became really, really ill.   Because I was in bed (literally) for two weeks, I lost my stamina and energy but my desire to run was still alive...and I was starting over....again.  I still wanted needed to run, but I knew a new, more demanding goal would only get me to seriously run again.



In fact, I was running a 10K about once a week, our fall was delicious and I loved getting out there...then one day in November, something began to creep into my mind.  Half marathon?

Here I sit halfway into my first half marathon training.  I love it.  Don't get me wrong, it's tough, it pushes me...and I need that.  Long runs are on Saturday and now I run long runs when all the 'real runners' do theirs.  I'm a runner?  I'm a runner.  It's still difficult to call myself that.

This Saturday, I run 8 miles.  EIGHT MILES.  During this run, I know I'll be thinking "how in the hell am I ever going to run 13.1 miles?"

I don't know, but I do know that I will.


  1. Oh I remember my first 8 miler like it was yesterday. I literally felt nauseous before we started - and then, somehow I did it. Crazy how that happens. I hope the run goes well and you felt great afterwards!

  2. Yes, you will. I find myself wondering how I'll do the 13.1 miles when I struggle through 3.1, but I know that somehow I'll reach down deep and finish it. I don't even care how long it takes me--I just want to cross the finish line.

  3. The key is not to think about how far you have to go, but celebrate just how far you have come! - Alex

  4. Being a runner is about putting one foot in front of another and pushing your limits. It sounds like you're doing both: You're a runner! I can't wait to hear how the second half of your training goes and this week's 8-miler!

  5. You can do it LJ. Rooting for you from Tennessee!