Monday, January 30, 2012

not every run is a good run

Not every run is a good run, but what makes any run good, is finishing.  This goes for any type of workout, really.  I believe that my bad running days make the good running days..SO GREAT.

I don't think many people run because they're 'bored'.  I think it's for a goal:  weight loss, better health, personal achievement...there's a reason why we workout.  In a perfect world, every workout would be packed with oodles of fat burning, cheeky smiles and little effort.  This is certainly not my world, especially today.

I ran 6 miles on Saturday, and although I've done this before, it's been a long time.  Wait, when I've done it before, there was plenty of walking on my run.  I'd get distracted:  walk.  I'd think my legs were tired:  walk.  See a butterfly:  walk.  Whatever reason, and they may have been super good reasons, my prior long runs have included some level of walking.  (and that IS okay).  But, I want to run now sans walking, and I did this on Saturday.  YAY.

I rested on Sunday.  NO workout activitiy whatsoever, mostly thank you to Mr. Back-Spasm-Painful-Idiot-Jerk.  But, I rested like my half marathon training schedule told me to do, and I knew I'd rock out an easy 3 or 4 miles today.

HA.  Today was so much more challenging than Saturday!  I typically give myself about 15 minutes to get into the groove, and my groove was no where to be found.

However, I kept going.  And going.  And going.

I even added an overpass to my route (I must be crazy) but really, I knew my run was going to happen no matter what OR how I felt and I figured I might as well 'DIG DEEP', even chanting my new favorite mantra "HARDWORK DEDICATION" (thank you Dolvett Quince, you sexy beast).

Now, it's done, and I'm damn glad I could feel good about this run...mostly, I'm damn glad it's over.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I just ran.  I ran to the other side of my small town, I ran across the tracks as fast as I could to avoid waiting for a train, I ran against a 30 mph headwind for at least half of my run.  I'm really happy I ran, I'm happy I pushed myself to pass the elderly couple using the entire sidewalk.  I'm happy that I didn't fall when I nearly tripped on an uneven sidewalk.  Point is, I 'worked' on my run.  I burned about 450 calories and I'm really happy about that.   I earned those burned calories, but I didn't earn them to eat them....right?

I thought I'd google some of my favorite foods to see how fast I could completely obliterate my run.

Cheeseburger, 1/4 lb meat (beef modified in fat content) on bun - 408 calories

Original Glazed 2 doughnuts - 400 calories

Small Banana Split Blizzard - 460 calories

Between 3 and 4 oz. of a margarita delivers between 150 and 300 calories, according to Since a jumbo margarita provides a much larger portion, the calorie counts may increase to between 500 and 700 calories per drink.
this is not eyes aren't blue.

In average pre-prepared french fries cooked in oil: 
578 calories in a large portion
458 calories in a medium portion
291 calories in a small portion

Nutty Bars Little Debbie
There are 310 calories in Nutty Bars
(evil, evil things)

Calories in Texas Toast Five Cheese Frozen Bread - 150  (and we never just have one)

I have such an evil habit of snacking at night, I can't NOT do it.  It's terrible.  If I have an adult beverage, forget it.  I'll have a full blown meal.  HOW BAD IS THAT?

I'm working way too hard to eat these empty calories, as delicious as they may be.  Just ask my thighs, they're tired and sore.  Now, if only my thighs would speak to my brain about eating crap, I will be nice and tiny in no time.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

All in

Well, friends.  It's official.  It's scary.  It's EXCITING.

I am registered to run in my very first 

Even as I read what I just typed, it's almost hard to believe.  I never, ever dreamed that I would even want to run 13.1 miles, let alone do it.  The race is in Kansas City, Missouri, which I love because it's only 3 hours from where I live.  I also love that my sister-in-law is registered for the race, too.  This half marathon journey is is quite a feat for me, and I feel incredibly lucky that she is training for the 13.1 race, too.  Together we are officially 'training' for this run, we have entered week three of training and it's been so great.  

It's amazing what happens when you have a goal and a training schedule.  The accountability is huge, the training  I love having a schedule of what to do and when to do it.  I feel my runs are more purposeful but less difficult, does that make sense?  I'm also doing circuit and strength training.  WHO AM I? 

I'm not sure who I am, but I like how I feel.  I love having such a huge goal.  I love looking forward to runs.  I'm obsessed with this website Rock the Parkway because I cannot wait for this race.  I'm feeling stronger and maybe even a little faster...and April 14th can't get here fast enough!  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Love it

Wow, I was going to start this post by saying last September, but it was in September (ish) of 2010 when my sister had one of those at home jewelry parties.  She sent me a catalog and because it was jewelry (duh), I really wanted to get one item to help her out with her party.  I needed to help HER.  Ok, that was my excuse.   At the time, she and I were learning to run with Couch to 5K.  It worked, we were happy with doing it and then I bought a necklace.

I loved choosing this necklace mostly because it was kind of, not really, like my name.  L-O for love and Lori, I've always wanted a necklace with my name, so this 'love' necklace seemed to be the perfect purchase.

Until it arrived.

It was too small.  "What?" you say?  Yes, it choked me.  I was sad, I wanted to wear it but it looked so stupid.  The word 'love' poked out of my neck like a plank on a ship.  It looked like I had a spatula coming out of my throat.  I wrestled with getting the thing off my neck, was too tight.  

Sometime early 2011, I put the necklace back on and it was tolerable.  Then it became more and more comfortable.  I realized during a really intense run or workout, the necklace would slowly turn so that the 'love' would end up at the back of my neck.  I liked coming home and discovering 'love' was in the wrong place, but I always slipped it back to the front.

And now, I always wear my 'love' necklace.  It reminds me of my progress and cheers me on.  It tells me to never have a fat neck again, it signifies when I've had a workout and more than anything?  It fits.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

1-11-11 to 1-11-12

One year ago yesterday I decided to begin a healthier lifestyle.  I ate better (mostly), drank less (I tried), upped my water intake and started some natural supplements (I'm old).  At the time, my hubby was on board with me, and we both lost about 20 pounds rather easily and felt really good about that.  Except...I was still way overweight.

When I moved to Nebraska in 2007, I weighed 63 pounds less than on 1-11-11.  SIXTY THREE.  As I type that, it's embarrassing and definitely something to be shameful about.  I remember our first summer here in the land of all things beef...and being excited about grilling steak and burgers and even wrapping most of the food in bacon.  I experimented quite a bit with food, and ate all of it...happily.  I recall saying in a joking manner "Nebraska is making me fat", and as I said that, and the more I said that...the more acceptable it became.  Then, I got fat, for real fat.

So, then I'm the fattest I've ever been and eating whatever I want, like that's really 'ok'.  Adults really CAN'T eat whatever they please.  Or shouldn't.  Or maybe I shouldn't or shouldn't have.  Then it happened, that 'moment of clarity' that hits you like a Mack truck.  I saw a recent picture of me with 57 chins and tiny eyes and my face looked squished with my features being swallowed by the fat.  Not to mention the fat on my...I'll stop there.  I chipped the dust off my scale and weighed in and I was totally surprised but not really.  The scale confirmed my nightmare.  Fat.

It was early in the new year and as much as I hate being on the new year resolution bandwagon, I knew it was time to change.  A special date was approaching (1-11-11 (and Grace, I love you) ) and it was time.

Fast forward to April, after I had pretty easily lost 20 pounds, the weather was getting better.  I had been running about 2 times a week, short miles, cold miles, but SOME cardio is better than none.  I kept running.  I'd gain a pound, then lose 2.  This was pretty much my story until July, I ran a local 5K and hated it, I felt slow and weak, but it was an accomplishment.  Then  I got so sick, I almost died.  Ok, not really DIED, but it was the sickest I think I have ever been.  I was literally in bed for three weeks.  Completely debilitated, totally out of commission.  Eventually, little by little, I regained strength, but I was sad that I knew I had lost my running stamina and the push up strength I had gained by doing the 100 push up challenge.  I had to get it back, all of it.

I started out with some dinky runs.  I quickly realized that I don't want to run 5K's...I want to run 10K's.  So began a new goal and new training and I loved it.  How could I ever run 6 miles?  But, I did.  Then 7 then 8 and then I started flirting with a new goal.  We flirted in my mind off and on in November.  Then the flirting got pretty serious in December, and by mid December...we took the flirting a step further and entered into a secret and exciting new affair.  We were into it.  I was head over heels in lust with this thought.  I was craving it.  Who knew I'd want to run 13.1 miles so badly.  A half marathon.  A mini.  WHAT.  Yes, I will be running at least one half marathon in 2012.  ME.  I will.

One year later and 45 pounds lighter....I'm officially 'training' for my first half marathon.  My support system is crazy insane.  I have met MANY incredibly supportive, helpful and awesome runners on Twitter.  I couldn't do what I do....without it.  But mostly, I credit a great friend, Bob Myer for EVERY BIT OF RUNNING ADVICE up to this point. He's been a huge source of support and such a positive influence.  We went to high school....different years but same school at the same time.  I'm older *cough*.   He even lives about an hour away from me, although I haven't seen him in years.  He's awesome and I'm pretty sure without him, running wouldn't be what it is to me now.  Many, many thanks, Bob.

And?  Erin.  My sister's friend, Erin.  We met via Twitter, and she's been a critical part of where I am now. She encourages me, pushes me, MOTIVATES me.  She is so motivating.  You are so awesome, Erin, I thank you from the bottom of my running shoes.  Thank you.

I hate long blog posts, and I apologize.  I will close by saying, I can't wait to see what 2012 is like and what my 2013 post will have to say!