Thursday, March 22, 2012

whose legs are these and "my sport, is your sport's punishment"

My legs want to run.  This is the strangest phenomenon to me.  MY legs are being quite bossy and telling me to do more than my wimpy mind tells me to do, this is good, right?  I'm sitting here right now and when I think of running, I feel a sort of energy run through my legs.  Whose legs are these and where did mine go?

I'm having all sorts of crazy things happen and additionally, some crazy thoughts, lately.  I'll share some, ok?

I'm thinking of running 13 miles on Saturday.  On those hills.  THOSE hills, you know which ones I'm talking about.  The thing is, my half training says to run eight, but I feel like I need to do another 12+ run before my half marathon.  This will give me more confidence and it can't hurt.   (I'm going to name this run "Hills to Lincoln")  bestnameever.

I ran 8 miles in the rain twice this week.  Legit rain.  You know the rain that has you running with a newspaper-over-your-hair as you run from your car to get inside?  THAT rain.  "Oh, hi, it's raining....I'm going for a run."  It was pretty awesome, I won't lie.  I also won't lie and say that I prefer a non-rain run.

I discovered a fantastic, I love you Dailymile people.  Dailymile is like Facebook for runners/workout people...athletes?  I mean, they're athletes for sure.  The podcast is Phedippidations ...I'm telling you, I'm addicted.  (Thank you, Jan!!)  The guy makes me laugh and learn and forget that I'm running....kind of.  Thankfully, he has over 300 podcasts that I haven't heard, so I'm looking forward to hearing what he has and that also means, I have a lot of running in my future, and that's pretty cool.

I have to tell you what I heard on my run yesterday via this super cool podcast.  It blew my mind to pieces, made me smile and think...THIS IS SO TRUE.

"Running is not for everyone, but for you ballplayers of baskets, foot, bases and all, my sport, is your sport's punishment".   

Think about that.  Suicides for basketball?  I remember a nightmare drill we used to do in HS softball.  Starting at home, you run to first, then back to home, then over first to second, then back to get the idea.  What is the name of that drill??  I'll take "softball drills from hell" for $200, Alex.

I have more crazy doings but those include eating beefaroni, cap'n crunch and a peanut butter cup all in one day.  I won't bore you with those little details.  Ooops, and wine, too.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

rambling, rain & running

It's Tuesday, well now Tuesday evening, but Tuesday through Saturday..I workout or run.  Last week, I've merged them into one workout.  Saturdays are typically my longest run of the week, so I rest up on Sunday and then usually Monday too since I only have a 3 mile run scheduled on that day.

The local gym is about 1.66 miles from my house.  Last week, I ran there, biked, ran home...except a lot of the running on my non-scheduled training day was walking due to HEAT.  Isn't that insane?   Complaining about heat mid-March.  Well, I never really complained, I just dealt with it, but it's no secret that me and 'heat' do not get along well, although last week I handled it fine.


Last week (I remember now) I almost doubled my calories burned than I did during prior weeks.  This is a fine line for me because I am training for my first half marathon, but I am on a weight loss journey as well.  My 'off' running days no longer say 'circuit' training, so I was really  only running/working out 3-4 times a week.  (but there was a 10 and 12 mile run in those weeks *cough*)   I need to continue to lose weight.  I need to lose more weight to run faster.  I need to run more to lose more weight.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  However, I will not NOT NOT risk injury to do this.  I won't run many more than my sheduled miles, I won't do any new fitness thing that my body isn't used to.  I knew biking was safe and holy-ball-of-sweatball madness, I sweat more on that bike than running OR elliptical.


Today (back to the Tuesday reference in paragraph one), I ran IN THE RAIN.  Me.  I knew it was raining, geared up, and went out in it...on purpose.  It was awesome.  And not hot.

I got to the gym, took off my extra t-shirt, hopped on a stationary bike and did 16.4 miles in 60 minutes.  I love the intervals because they make me cry and you can't tell I'm crying because I'm sweating so much.  Then I got off the bike, wobbled around like a newborn foal, put on my wet t-shirt, walked out, and ran all the way home.  I'm amazed.  My quads were so fatigued when I hit the road again, but I pushed through it.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  The foal found her legs and galloped home, in the rain....proudly.  (I won't mention the overpass she had to get over, ok, maybe I will).

Oh, and I did a brick.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dam to Dam

Look out Des Moines, here I come. 
This time I'll be toting my running gear because I have registered for the Dam to Dam 20K

This will be my second race this year, my first one is IN 30 DAYS!  People, I'm going to have two race medals...pinch me!!  I'm hoping for two more medals this year.  I'm eyeballing the Omaha Half which is in October, and I need another one, something within 3 hours of Omaha is preferred, but Chicago is definitely an option because my family lives there.  I'd also consider Detroit if my niece and sister will run a 5K and there is a half option for me.  *hint hint*  

Here are some of the details on the race.
  • 20 Kilometer start will be in the middle of Saylorville Dam and travel over the Center Street Bridge, an awe inspiring view of downtown Des Moines.
  • Runner Technical shirts will be styled for each gender. Available in Passion Pink & Agave Blue for females and Navy & Gold for males. 
  • Special drawstring backpack for all 20K & 5K runners in Pink, Royal, Blue and Black. A great bag for race day and all year long.
  • Not to be forgotten 20K runners receive Nike socks, 20K finishers receive finisher medals, free poster for everyone and the award winning results booklet.
Just some of the swag this race is offering.  I'm hoping a few friends will do this race too, would love to do a meet-up or tweet-up later that night.  It's no secret that I can go from running shoes to heels in about 2.2 seconds!  

What and when is your next race?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

12 miles of purpose

Here it is {already} week 9 of my half marathon training program and I am surprised, pleased, shocked and still loving the training.  I'm surprised because yesterday I ran 12 dang miles.  I'm pleased because I've stayed with the program.  I'm shocked because I've stayed with the program AND ran 12 miles yesterday.  I'm in love with this program because I'm feeling like a runner.

A year ago, I was well into my weight loss journey and as you can see, my March totals were pretty...sad.  Keep in mind, those 10 miles were probably over 5-10 runs, and when I say 'runs', I mean mostly walking and some running.

(and it's okay that I ran or walked last March, I'm just comparing my progress)

When March is over, I'll have at least 60 miles done.  Not just 60 miles, but 60 miles of purpose.  Every step meaning something.  Every hill tackled.  Every breath in 20-30 mph wind - with extreme effort.  Every run with focus and determination.  Every run is a run closer to running my very first Half Marathon.  

The day before my 12 mile run, I mapped it out with my car.  I was surprised but not really that my run would take me to Lincoln.  Last summer I remember joking around and saying "wouldn't it be cool if I ever ran out here?"  Guess what?  That's where I went.  It was a goal I never really took seriously, but I ran up and down all those hills for 6 miles.  Yes, hills.  In fact, going west on that country road is one long incline with a nice series of torture, I mean hills.  Now, add in the wind.  Straight in my face...for 6 miles.  I knew it would be hell and it was, but I also knew I'd be earning that downhill...and I did.  It was worth every step to be able to turn around and have that wind at my back.  I was still doing hills but overall, they were downhill.  There was even a gust of wind that caused me to trip up my step, but I was running the best part of the run....and I just kept going.  I loved it.

see this?  There's like 10 more of these little inclines

Week 9 of training was no joke.  There's no limping around 12 miles, you do it, or you don't.  You hydrate hard all week, you eat foods that fuel you, you don't drink alcohol, you sleep properly...all in the name of a good long run.  I loved waking up on Saturday at 7am just to go running. I keep asking myself 'who am I?' but I'm realizing I'm a runner, I'm really a runner. 

My next "I DID IT" picture will be with a sweet, hard earned medal.  I cannot wait!