Tuesday, March 20, 2012

rambling, rain & running

It's Tuesday, well now Tuesday evening, but Tuesday through Saturday..I workout or run.  Last week, I've merged them into one workout.  Saturdays are typically my longest run of the week, so I rest up on Sunday and then usually Monday too since I only have a 3 mile run scheduled on that day.

The local gym is about 1.66 miles from my house.  Last week, I ran there, biked, ran home...except a lot of the running on my non-scheduled training day was walking due to HEAT.  Isn't that insane?   Complaining about heat mid-March.  Well, I never really complained, I just dealt with it, but it's no secret that me and 'heat' do not get along well, although last week I handled it fine.


Last week (I remember now) I almost doubled my calories burned than I did during prior weeks.  This is a fine line for me because I am training for my first half marathon, but I am on a weight loss journey as well.  My 'off' running days no longer say 'circuit' training, so I was really  only running/working out 3-4 times a week.  (but there was a 10 and 12 mile run in those weeks *cough*)   I need to continue to lose weight.  I need to lose more weight to run faster.  I need to run more to lose more weight.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  However, I will not NOT NOT risk injury to do this.  I won't run many more than my sheduled miles, I won't do any new fitness thing that my body isn't used to.  I knew biking was safe and holy-ball-of-sweatball madness, I sweat more on that bike than running OR elliptical.


Today (back to the Tuesday reference in paragraph one), I ran IN THE RAIN.  Me.  I knew it was raining, geared up, and went out in it...on purpose.  It was awesome.  And not hot.

I got to the gym, took off my extra t-shirt, hopped on a stationary bike and did 16.4 miles in 60 minutes.  I love the intervals because they make me cry and you can't tell I'm crying because I'm sweating so much.  Then I got off the bike, wobbled around like a newborn foal, put on my wet t-shirt, walked out, and ran all the way home.  I'm amazed.  My quads were so fatigued when I hit the road again, but I pushed through it.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  The foal found her legs and galloped home, in the rain....proudly.  (I won't mention the overpass she had to get over, ok, maybe I will).

Oh, and I did a brick.


  1. Maybe you will start a new trend for all women to jog in their wet t-shirts. You know when its hot out and to prevent heat stroke. Seriously though I would have been proud of myself for that kind of workout. I suggest you reward yourself with a relaxing evening of the Orange County Housewives.

  2. What an awesome post AGAIN! You really are very funny (so is daniel, btw) and very inspiring. I can't believe how you've embraced your fitness goals. Those intervals must be unbelievable! And a BRICK! (I did look it up.) Keep it up Lori. There's no telling where you'll end up but it'll be awesome.....

  3. You've crossed a line - and it's a good one :) Way to rock that workout (just like you're going to rock the half in a few weeks!)