Wednesday, April 4, 2012

running thoughts

It seems crazy to me that I haven't ran since Saturday.  I actually haven't done anything at all, that might be longest 'break' from running and working out I've had since being sick in July (except for traveling).  It seems even crazier to me that I'm running my first half marathon race in 9 days.  NINE.  I'm super excited for next weekend, all parts of it.  I even have a list!
1.  A medal
2.  A medal
3.  A medal (I reeeeally want a medal)
4.  Going to KC and seeing my brother and his wife (she's running with me!)
5.  Weekend away with hubby
6.  Drinking margaritas the size of my head after my race

Anyway, I don't feel that I'm off track or worried about my lack of running for the past 4 days.  I just....needed a break.  The timing, I don't understand.  My body just said 'stop', so...I did.  It was like I hit an 'off' button.  I don't even feel guilty.  I also realized my running shoes are WAY beyond their mileage.  You know how you drive on that worn tire for too long?  Those are my shoes.  I stepped on a rock and said 'ow'...I even have a cute hole in the top, which I thought was kinda cool until I stepped on that rock and had a closer look at my shoe.  I know it's too close to the race for new shoes and in all honesty, my shins aren't hurting and I'm not experiencing any real discomfort...unless of course I step on a rock.

So, I haven't ran or worked out, I need new shoes and I have my first half marathon next weekend.  I'm ambivalent about the end of my first half marathon training.  I feel accomplished and I love the structure, the schedule ...all of it.  Do I just continue my last weeks of training forever?  Will lack of this schedule derail me?  Will I ever run more than 13 miles?  Do I even want to ever run more than 13 miles?  How do I continue to challenge myself?

These are the questions/concerns rattling around in my head, but there is one thing constantly at the forefront, and that is finishing my first race and being damn proud of myself for doing just that.

Oh, and check out this sweet bling which will be mine next Saturday!


  1. I hit this same spot about two weeks before the race. I missed a few days because of a migraine. Then I was just plain tired. I felt burned out and wondered why I even planned on finishing the training and kind of just wanted to coast in. Then I hit taper week and it is kind of like coasting in.
    Training plans are consuming. They take some of the love out of it, as good as they are. Today I ran for three miles because that's just what was needed today. I didn't worry about my pace or crossing it off on a schedule and it felt so good! Don't get me wrong, I plan on another training plan soon...but the break is much needed

    1. Erin,

      It very well may have been 'burn out', but I won't lie, I've enjoyed the break :) I still can't believe you've already ran your first half! We definitely need to run one together, it would be so fun!

  2. 9 Days just 9 days away. Don't worry about not having a training plan since you never followed yours anyways :-P I thought you were going to take on triathlons or Duathlons to pose more of a challenge for you? Since well you know you're going to best out on the half mary any way. I am looking forward to seeing how you do.

    1. bwahaha, Logan!!! I did confuse a week or two of my training and was running more than I needed or less than I should have :P I just need a free coach lol.

      I really am super intertersted in something that doesn't include swimming! I want to be a beast and rack up some sweet medals!!

      (I see you figured out posting comments, made me smile big-time!)

  3. It's good you're listening to your body. Just sounds like your mind is saying "we got this".
    Good Luck!

  4. You're going to finish this race in style and you're not the only one who'll be 'dang' proud! I can't wait for the picture of you sporting your bling!!!