Monday, September 26, 2011

and...I'm back with a new, more purposeful blog!  I'll quickly recap this year so far...started on yet *another* weight loss journey.  The story of my life, as sad as that is.  I began on 1-11-11, it just seemed so right.  As of today, 9-25-2011, I'm about a pound away from FORTY POUNDS LOST.   Yet?  there's more to go.  I'm on Weight Watchers and that really is a great tool for me to learn how to eat and learn a healthy lifestyle.   I'm realizing fast food is not part of healthy living.  I'm also realizing drinking margaritas aren't in the daily 'five', no matter how many limes are used.  (Hubby calculated calories and carbs of light margarita mix, can you say ... equal to the carbs in four quarter pounders with cheese?)  So, no more.  If I'm going to be 'charged' for four quarter pounders with cheese, I'm sure as hell going to eat one.

Anyway, this blog will have some of my tastiest food recipes, I will discuss wine at times, but more than anything...this blog will reflect my quest to be fit...and that is just so exciting to me.  My new love is running...I just LOVE it.  I'm approaching a 10K, which is something I've never done...but I will do it, and it will be fabulous.

What I would love to get from this new blog...are readers and followers (duh) but why?  Because anyone else fighting the fitness battle, you all inspire ME.   Twitter and Facebook have been a huge, ginormous, huge support group.  I'm held accountable.  I feel as thought I 'report in'.  They care.  They cheer.  They understand.     Then, we can all celebrate healthy together, and plow our way through the workouts... and?  Feel pretty freaking awesome.


  1. Congratulations on your new blog. I'm excited for you on your journey, I know you're going to do it

  2. I'm so excited! I love the look, the name AND the premise for your new blog and I'm looking forward to all your updates! What an inspiration you are!

  3. HOLY MOLY! You're doing so great! I wouldn't mind losing some (baby) pounds. So hard. I want to be good at running...I really do, but its so hard for me!