Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Falling Behind.....Can I Catch Up??

I am nowhere near where Lori is in all of this. I am working my way back into working out on a regular basis, where I was before summer started. I have fallen behind. I was doing my Wii Active 5 days a week and walking at least that many, nothing could stop me from my workouts. Then came summer, I stayed with it for the first part and then came camping and that just completely derailed me. So where am I now? Eating worse, not doing my Wii Active and trying to get into running...slowing and sporadically. I am now in awe of my sister, Lori who is doing an incredible job of training for a 10k and eating healthy. I have my inspiration, I'm definitely not lacking that.
So what's my problem? I think the worst part is a new routine. The kids are back in school and I am going back to work...sort of. I am in a substitute position so there may be some days I'm up all dressed to run and then the phone rings....I'm going to work. So I've got to figure it all out and have a back up plan. I need to dig my treadmill out. I guess I can't use it to hold paper towels, toilet paper, grass seed, an extension cord a lasso and oh yes, our camouflage Snuggie. That way on days when I get called into work, I can get on the treadmill when it's dark.
I do plan on running a 5k on October 22, the Run Scream Run I am running...ok run/walking it with a friend of mine and I need to get my butt in gear! Let's just hope I can stay motivated and do it right this time.


  1. I love this post with all of the honesty, and humility and desire that you've expressed.

  2. The running/work routine is hard. It kicked my butt for a few weeks. Cleaning off the treadmill is a great idea! Plan on working out in the evening, but if you end up with a free morning, consider it a bonus and get it done.

  3. Well, no one knows better than I do that we all get sidetracked sometimes. Fortunately you've got the key and that's motivation. It's true that scheduling problems can upset your focus but I know you'll figure it out! Go Amy!