Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This morning, I'm going to recap my opinion of Biggest Loser.  So...if you have tivo'd or DVR'd it and have yet to watch, don't read, ok?  And if you still read...don't be all up in my grill about it, because see...I warned you.

Ode to Boston Johnny.  This guy, where do I start?  First off...what's with the face he's always making.  Don't say, "that's just his face", because's not.   Kinda looks like he's....oh never mind.  But really?  What's up with this face?   I know in this scene he was faking eating donuts by making disgusting sexual noises eating noises.  Not sure.  I was happy when his part of that challenge was over...then they brought him back!   Cringe-worthy moment of the show for me.

Anyway, I liked this challenge, and I swear I wished I could eat smell those damn donuts.  Or maybe just rub them all over my body.  I'm not picky.

So, when Team Blue had the lowest percentage of weight loss, I immediately said 'bye-bye' broken knee Bonnie!   Not a fan.  She also has a 'face' that I don't get.  I do feel bad about her knee situation, and when Dr. Evil told her about her really, really bad knee and then her daughter called while she was still in the office, maybe I cried.  Stupid show.  Back to Johnny, at one point during the show, I said out loud "awww, he's cute", but I'm still trying to recall when I said that.  Why was he a slacker?  My thoughts are that he felt 'safe' due to his large weight loss week in week one.  Why did he jump off the treadmill with on SIX MEASLY SECONDS left?   That was weaksauce and if I were Anna, I would have punched him in the back of the head.    So, he had a bad week but a fantastic 'last chance workout' HAHA.  Too little, too late...and back to Boston he went.

Oh, and is it just me or do you want to work out during the entire show, too?  I kept thinking, "man, I could totally be doing some push-ups right now."  Of course, I didn't.

Now?  I must/have/need/want to share eye candy with you all, because, really...OMG.


I love his name, too - Dolvett Quince.  I have so many inappropriate things to say about 'saying' his name and how it's like a smooth, creamy, rich, dark chocolate melting in your mouth....but I won't.

So, there it is, recap of Biggest Loser.  See you next week when we bid adieu to Bon-Bon Bonnie, same bat time, same bat channel!


  1. I didn't like Johnny, and I don't like Bonnie either. However, I don't know that Anna is the right trainer for them. She just seems so ... soft, I guess. I can't wait for her to just get mad and really yell at them, like Bob and Dolvett have done since the beginning!

  2. I haven't watched a series of this show in a long time, I always have liked it, though! I need to get some type of DVR